Custo investeren in assistentiewoningen


Assisted living units are apartments designed to meet the specific needs of senior citizens. They are an ideal solution for active seniors who still want to live independently but could use some extra help. As an investment, assisted living units are attractive because of the hassle-free rental and management system on the one hand and the ever-increasing ageing population on the other. ION often joins forces with local residential care centres in order to guarantee a smooth letting process.

Parkrand investeren in assistentiewoningen

The advantages of investing in assisted living units

ION focuses on assisted living units at central locations so as to attract a broad tenant audience. The advantages of investing in assisted living units are:

  • The increasingly ageing population, which pushes up rental prices
  • Hassle-free management and letting
  • Reduced VAT rate
  • Possibility of personal-use combo
  • Exemption from property tax