Investeren in vastgoed blokverkoop

Buy a block of apartments and become the sole owner of an entire building.

Occasionally ION offers its investors an entire block of apartments. As an investor, that makes you the only co-owner of the building and you don't have to consult with or take account of anyone. In addition, you are offered extra competitive purchase prices and attractive returns. Upon request, ION also provides an all-in management and rental service.

ION specialises in sustainable, high-quality new-builds with a view to the future.
Davy Demuynck
Founder - CEO
Niefhout blokverkoop

Niefhout Turnhout

Close to the center and the railway station of Turnhout, we are currently building ‘Niefhout’. This brand new residential area consists of city homes and apartments, assisted-living houses, an assisted-living center, offices, shops, community-supporting functions and 20,000 m2 of green area. Within this new district lies a small-scale residence of 6 units with front views on the big meeting square. The return for these units is estimated at 3%.The light infused apartments are heated through the heat-distribution grid, guaranteeing low energy costs for your tenants.

Selling price ex. costs: € 1,270,000

Blok verkoop FRANCAR
12 apartments for sale, incl. car spaces

Deerlijk Francar

This new development in the centre of Deerlijk is aimed at young families in the Kortrijk, Waregem and Deerlijk region. The project is a complete redevelopment of the former FRANCAR site. A unique feature is the central courtyard, which provides a pleasant living experience. The block consists of one- and two-bedroom apartments. A varied tenant base, a unique central location and affordable units make this an excellent investment product.

Selling price excl. expenses: €2,421,500

Blokverkoop oostende mispel
13 apartments for sale, incl. car spaces

Oostende Mispelplein

In Ostend, ION is developing a new housing project: Mispel. The project focuses on affordable housing situated around a newly constructed park. The project mainly targets young families as tenants. Mispel boasts a quiet yet easily accessible location, with the centre of Ostend just a short bike ride away. This block consists of 12 one-bedroom apartments and 1 two-bedroom apartment.

Selling price excl. expenses: €2,553,100

Suikerpark Galerij 1 blokverkoop
14 apartments and 3 commercial properties for sale

Veurne Suikerpark (Galerij I)

Galerij I is centrally located in the new Suikerpark, right next to the Suikerplein square. Its construction marks the conclusion of phase I of the Suikerpark project. The block consists of 14 apartments which are entirely future-proof thanks to their Smart Living features. All the apartments have access to extensive communal areas, which include the gardens, the large roof terrace and the gym. Ideal for tenants such as young professionals and families.

Selling price excl. expenses: €3,269,500

Would you like more information or a tailored proposal? Don't hesitate to contact us directly.
Matthias Elewaut
Sales Director